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Elite Crew helps organisations convert ideas into implementations with secure, and scalable code. We care and want to change the world with our knowledge and experience.

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From SMS chatbots to data visualisations, from data security to system architecture, we do it all, and we make it fun! More than getting the project done, we care.


German Fintech Leader

Our client came up with a business need to verify their hypothesis about moving traditional letter communication into digital solution by creating a web application which will be served to their customers.

The digital product was supposed to be more accessible, easier to manage and possible to be launched on mobile devices where users would be able to make a decision and take an action to stay with market fintech leader.

Our specialists in the project:

Marek Wrzosowski

Hubert Wróblewski

Wojciech Błądek

  • Marek
  • Wojciech
  • Hubert
What technology we used:
What technology we used:


Loop is an independent charity that created a global digital platform for people to share their opinions in an open, transparent and safe manner to affect positive social change.

The users can use it to provide feedback and engage with others to improve humanitarian and development services in various areas. When we learned about it we knew that we wanted to be a part of it. It’s something that can have a positive impact on the lives of many.

Our specialists in the project:

Marek Wrzosowski

Hubert Wróblewski

Wojciech Jakubek

Krzysztof Kura

Wojciech Błądek

  • Marek
  • Wojciech
  • Hubert

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Working with Elite Crew suited our complex project set up very well. We had many uncertainties to solve and timelines were unclear, but Elite Crew managed the development so smoothly alongside our design process. The interaction with the team was always super positive and friendly. Their independent work style and continuous communication via slack really made a difference in our busy schedules. Thank you for being such a reliable partner in this project.

Melanie Wendland
Designer, Co-Founder & Board Member

I have known Marek and his team for a few years over two companies I‘ve worked for. I must say it has been the most pleasant and successful agency collaboration I have experienced so far. Marek‘s entrepreneurial and creative thinking has been an inspiration. I have always been impressed by the open, easy communication as well as the customer-focused, fast and smart way of working, making products real and easy to use for our customers. During the time we’ve worked together, it always feels as if EliteCrew is part of our team.

Raluca Tasca
Senior Product Manager Strategy, Growth and Innovation

The Elite Crew team constantly adapts to the needs of the project. They appreciate teamwork and participation in all phases of the creative process by providing advice and support to ensure the quality of the final solution. The support, proactive attitude and involvement in the project have truly created a very strong partnership over the years

Damaris Rodriguez
Co-Founder & Board Member

“I hear stories of frustrating relationships between tech focused teams and the NGO, however I would say that why our relationship with Elite Crew, and therefore the end product, is so great is because they are fully committed to ensuring that people who receive Aid have an intuitive, effective experience when using Loop or any other product they support. I highly recommend them as partners in developing innovative and impactful ways to deliver Aid better”

Alex Ross
Managing Director

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Elite Crew is the choice of the best people, people with experience, knowledge and passion for helping others. #bestchosenpeople
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