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Sonder Collective is a design agency established by Melanie, Damaris and Ledia in Finland in 2018. They quickly noticed they have the same values and want to create a cooperative where every member keeps their independence, sharing the same values and a brand to collaborate.

They noticed when working on projects with Elite Crew that we complement each other and share the same values so they invited us to officially cooperate. Our CEO Marek Wrzosowski joined Sonder Collective as an official member in 2022!

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About Sonder Collective

Sonder Collective offers a wide range of services to accompany partners in ways that are adapted to their challenge. Complex problems are interconnected, multifaceted, and not compliant to siloed thinking. They integrate expertise and approaches to tackle today’s most complex social issues. In their processes, they promote participatory methods to instil meaningful change among all actors in a system.

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Where it works:

Finland, Nigeria, CÔTE D'IVOIRE, Mozambique, Kenia, India, Zambia, Philippines, Somalia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Congo (DRC), Uganda, Haiti, South Sudan, Iraq, Ethiopia, Uganda, Laos, Myanmar, United Kingdom & Worldwide

Collaboration development

Data security is our speciality

We’ve been working on the Talk To Loop project together since 2020. Sonder Collective was responsible for the design and UX Design of the platform, which of course is consistent with the whole visual identity. We as Elite Crew were in charge of the implementation, security of the web application same as provided data, and the final QA part. Our specialists were involved in the project since the very beginning to help untangle complexity, advise designers on feasibility, and achieve an optimum user experience. Data security is our speciality. We built Talk To Loop to the highest standards of data privacy.

To learn more about what we did in this project, see the Talk To Loop case study.

See case study
Sharing our knowledge in transparency

In 2022, we started working on the next project that was the Pathways project. Once again, Sonder Collective as a Product Owner was responsible for the design and UX Design part, and we then successfully implemented the design. Once again we were involved in the early stages of the project to share our knowledge and experience. During the whole process, we closely collaborated with designers to make sure we understand each other in terms of proper design and further implementation.

To learn more about what we did in this project, see the Pathways case study.

See case study
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What's coming

Support in design and implementation of the new website of Talk To Loop. It’s been three years since the beginning of the start of our collaboration on the Talk To Loop project. After all this time and knowledge we gained cooperating with organizations and communities we decided it was time to redesign the website. We’ve been working on this for a while.

In 2023 we have started with next phase of Pathways project 2.0 which will be available to public in summer of 2023!

Stay tuned for the results!

Long-term partnerships pay off

We’ve done a lot so far together with Sonder Collective and our collaboration always pays off with great solutions in the social impact sector. It’s obvious that the future we bring more successful projects. The expertise of our specialists and the creative thinking of Sonder Collective designers is a guarantee of success.

Sonder Collective trusted us some time ago by seeing how we work and thanks to this cooperation, as experts from these two worlds, we have achieved so much success together.

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years of successful cooperation fulfilled with daily tech advice and support

What our client says

Damaris Rodriguez

Co-Founder & Board Member
The Elite Crew team constantly adapts to the needs of the project. They appreciate teamwork and participation in all phases of the creative process by providing advice and support to ensure the quality of the final solution. The support, proactive attitude and involvement in the project have truly created a very strong partnership over the years

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