Case study

The assumption of the project was to build a system for collecting contact details from potential customers. A new web application was intended to focus the user on opportunities and implicitly seed a need to ask for a more attractive loan offer.

Our task was to develop a complex digital solution including design, web app development and cloud infrastructure from scratch. We delivered a complete system in 5 weeks with a strong focus on clear, light design from one side and also end-to-end data security provided by end-user on the other side. We built an application to be scalable and deployable on the AWS infrastructure.

Technologies used:

Piwik PRO
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Our client set the following hypothesis of digital web solution available on every digital device, everywhere and anytime:

1. Moving into the digital world will mitigate and simplify the current selection, approach and consultation process as it is highly manual and laborious.
2. Providing digital solutions will increase competitive pressure - an earlier approach, simple and attractive renewal options, automation.
3. Individual customer needs are not currently taken into account in the information and consulting offers which may be pushed to a completely new level.

Our task was to create a system for collecting contact details from potential customers, taking into account all these essentials for our client’s hypotheses.

Services we did for them:

1. Design:

  • a new approach based on the guidelines that it should be clean and light, but at the same time convergent with the company's brand

2. Implementation:

  • a frontend application that implements asymmetric encryption for security which resulted in an “A” score provided by Security Headers!
  • PGP library was used for encryption

3. Analytics:

  • in accordance with business requirements, we introduced analytics with custom events that were necessary to analyze specific sets of events on the website

Where it works:

Project development


We designed a new, fresh and light web application compliant with the original client’s design trend but not overloaded with information. A new web application was intended to focus the user on opportunities and implicitly seed a need to ask for a more attractive loan offer. The expertise and experience of our designer Valentina in this phase covered UI and UX Design with a mobile-first approach.


Having direction and high-fidelity design we moved to the next phase and developed a responsive web app with a mobile-first approach. However, as this is a fintech industry, the main challenge and requirement was a strong focus on security.

We built the backend and frontend parts with the assumption of implementing end-to-end encryption. The important thing was infrastructure independence from platforms on which this solution can be hosted.

Our client benefited from a great experience we had from the other fintech project, which was a payment solution led by our CEO Marek in cooperation with one of the two leading payment card providers in the world.


In the next phase we designed and developed cloud infrastructure and, as security was on top of our requirements, Marek made a decision to go with AWS. Amazon invests a lot of effort in security and this was a natural and obvious direction and decision to make.

The key elements that were included in the infrastructure, apart from end-to-end encryption, were also additional security by data retention.


By closing the feedback loop and finally being able to verify, we added analytical tools integration accordingly to requirements and were collecting necessary users’ behaviour for further business analysis/verification.

What our client says

Raluca Tasca

Senior Product Manager Strategy, Growth and Innovation
I have known Marek and his team for a few years over two companies I‘ve worked for. I must say it has been the most pleasant and successful agency collaboration I have experienced so far. Marek‘s entrepreneurial and creative thinking has been an inspiration. I have always been impressed by the open, easy communication as well as the customer-focused, fast and smart way of working, making products real and easy to use for our customers. During the time we’ve worked together, it always feels as if EliteCrew is part of our team.

Project in numbers


Digital web solution launched in 6 weeks from the first meeting till the last QA approval

10 000

The application was used by 10k users in one month after the official launch

Hubert Wróblewski
Front-End Developer

I met the  project from the front-end side. In my opinion, the key challenge, because of the banking industry, was to provide a very secure experience. We had to be sure that every piece of information remains confidential and we achieved that by using end-to-end encryption. Also, we had to prevent cross-site scripting attacks by following Content Security Policy. On the other hand, user experience was improved by creating step by step form and implementing input validation.

Wojciech Błądek
Quality Assurance

What I can say about this challenging project is that it’s a well secured landing page for collecting contact details from potential customers. I had the pleasure of testing this application for desktop and mobile versions - it’s responsive, intuitive and eye-pleasing. It’s worth adding how such data is secured, thanks to data encryption, a person who does not have the key will not be able to read the customer's data. I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this project, it was another positive experience for me :)

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